Dear Shareholder,

The Governance Committee comprises three members and performed its duties as assigned by the Board of Directors and included in the GC Charter. In summary, it reviewed key governance principles and made recommendations to the Board of Directors and Management aiming at continuous and demonstration of robust corporate governance.

In 2020, the Company received recognition for its corporate governance efforts, including an “Excellent” CG score from the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) for the fifth consecutive year, a score of 100 for the AGM Checklist 2020 from the Thai Investors Association, SET awards for Thailand Sustainable Investment (THSI SET), and recertified for CAC until 2023.

In 2020, the GC held two meetings, and all tasks outlined in the Governance Committee Charter were fulfilled, including:

  • Standardise of the Organizational Regulation
  • Standardise of the form and process of the Conflicts of Interest for Directors and Executives
  • Review of governance principles and practices of related authorities and made recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The committee also conducted a self-evaluation and is satisfied with their performance. For the governance performance of the Group, the Committee opined that the Group has complied with the principles of the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies 2017. In addition, the Committee is pleased that the Company has successfully implemented many corporate governance initiatives which shall foster trust from all stakeholders. The Committee firmly believes that good governance, strong corporate culture and values will drive our Company successfully and sustainability.

Mr. Stephen Patrick Gore
Chairman of the Governance Committee