Minutes of Meeting
Minutes of the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting No. 29
Important Advisory due to COVID-19 Outbreak
COVID-19 Safety Measures for Proceeding the AGM No. 29 (Year 2022)
The Assessment for COVID-19 Screening for the AGM No. 29
COVID-19 Screening Report for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No. 29
Invitation to Shareholders’ Meeting
Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No.29 (Full Version)
Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No.29
Supporting Document for Agenda 1 and 2: 56-1 One Report and Financial Report 2021 (QR Code)
Supporting Document for Agenda 4: Information and profiles of the proposed auditors for the year 2022 and auditors’ remuneration for the Company and subsidiaries
Supporting Document for Agenda 5: Nomination criteria and procedure of director, and Information and profile of the directors for re-election
Supporting Document for Agenda 6: Information and profile of the candidate for new directors election, and qualifications of independent director
Supporting Document for Agenda 7: Director’s remunerations for the year 2022
Document for meeting attendance
Articles of Association concerning the Shareholder’s Meeting
Meeting guidelines, COVID-19 safety measures, voting and votes counting
Information of independent directors for shareholders to appoint as proxy
Proxy Form A
Proxy Form B
Proxy Form C
Map of the Meeting Venue
Shareholders’ Rights
Criteria and Procedures for Proposal for Agenda and Director Candidate for AGM No. 29
Proposal for Agenda (Form A)
Proposal for Director Candidate (Form B)
Question for shareholder’s Meeting for AGM No.29
Privacy Policy Announcement for Shareholder