Dividend POLICY

The Company shall allocate dividend payment at least 60% of net profit on its consolidated financial statements. In case of negative financial situation, the Board may propose a lower percentage of dividend payment as it considers appropriate under such circumstance.


This Dividend Policy was approved by the 17th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders as a general principle. However, in proposing dividend for approval of Shareholders, the Company has to comply with the laws, i.e., dividend has to be paid from net profit of the Company’s separate financial statements. Therefore, if the Company dose not have sufficient net profit, dividend proposal shall be applicable with such situation.

Performance Year X-Date Payment Date Payment Type Amount per Share (THB) Total Payment per Share (THB)
2021 24/02/22 08/04/22 Cash 9.00 9.00
2020 24/02/21 05/04/21 Cash 9.00 9.00
2019 04/03/20 03/04/20 Cash 4.00 8.00
13/08/19 28/08/19 Cash 4.00  
2018 03/04/19 25/04/19 Cash 4.00 8.00
07/08/18 23/08/18 Cash 4.00