1. What is SCCC's policy on dividend payment?

The Company shall allocate dividend payment at least 60% of net profit on its consolidated financial statements. In case of negative financial situation, the Board may propose a lower percentage of dividend payment as it considers appropriate under such circumstance.

Within 1 month after it is resolved by the general shareholders meeting or the board of directors meeting, as the case may be.

The annual general meeting of shareholders will be held within 4 months from the end of each accounting year of SCCC (that is, 31 December of every year).

  • Any shareholders can appoint another person as his/her proxy to vote on his/her behalf at the general shareholders meeting by preparing a proxy form based on the form prescribed by law. The proxy must submit the duly executed proxy form to the SCCC’s officer at the place of the meeting before attending the meeting.
  • Any shareholders can appoint an independent director of SCCC as his/her proxy by indicating the name of independent director on the proxy form provided by SCCC to shareholders together with the notice of the general shareholders meeting. The duly executed proxy form in this regard must be delivered to SCCC prior to the date of the general shareholders meeting.

Shareholders can request for the documents at the following address 
Siam City Cement Public Company Limited
Column Tower, 3rd, 10th, 12th floor No.199 Ratchadapisek Road, Kloytoey, Bangkok 10110
Tel: +662-797-7000

Shareholders can contact TSD for shareholder securities service
Tel TSD: 0 2009 9999
Request form for shareholders: https://www.set.or.th/tsd/en/service/service_form.html